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zygoma Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Zygoma::ia32::MPS::BusEntryThe MPS config table bus entry
Zygoma::ia32::MPS::ConfigTableEntryBase class for MP config table entries
Zygoma::ia32::MPS::ConfigTableHeaderWhan an MPS-compliant system is not using one of the default configurations, it must provide a configuration table, which consists of this (fixed-length) header followed by a variable number of base entries and extended entires plus an optional OEM table
Zygoma::ia32::MPS::ConfigTableIteratorA forward iterator that can traverse the entries in the ConfigTable
Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::ConfigTableIteratorA forward iterator that can traverse all entries in the ACPI root system description table
Zygoma::CpuGeneric processor base class
Zygoma::ia32::DescriptorA segment descriptor is a data structure in a GDT or LDT that provides the processor with the size, location, type, and access control, and status of a memory segment
Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::DifferentiatedSystemDescriptionTableContains implementation and configuration information that can be used for power management, thermal management, and Plug'n'Play functionality
Zygoma::ia32::DiskDriveMapDescriptorMultiboot Disk Drive Map desriptor
DispatchInterruptA simple functor to invoke the interrupt handler dispatch trampoline function
Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::FixedAcpiDescriptionTableDefines fixed hardware information such as base addresses, etc
Zygoma::ia32::MPS::FloatingPointerThe root of the MPS configuration data
Zygoma::FreestoreThe kernel freestore is a sequential container of bytes
Zygoma::ia32::IDTAn interrupt descriptor table implements a vectored interrupt dispatch mechanism
Zygoma::InterruptThe base class for an inyerrupt service routine
Zygoma::InterruptDispatcherRelates hardware interrupts and software traps to routines that can service them
Zygoma::ia32::InterruptGateAn interrupt gate is a structure used by an IA-32 processor to invoke an interrupt handler routine
Zygoma::ia32::IOApicA description of the I/O Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
Zygoma::ia32::MPS::IOApicEntryThe MPS config table I/O APIC entry
Zygoma::ia32::IOApicRedirectionAn IO APIC redirection table entry
Zygoma::ia32::MPS::IOInterruptEntryThe MPS config table I/O Interrupt entry
Zygoma::ISRAn interrupt service routine entry
Zygoma::ia32::LoadModuleDescriptorMultiboot Load Module descriptor
Zygoma::ia32::LocalApicA description of the Local Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
Zygoma::ia32::MPS::LocalInterruptEntryThe MPS config table Local Interrupt entry
Zygoma::MarrowThe central core of the zygoma kernel
Zygoma::MemoryManagerThe central object which manages physical memory for the entire OS
Zygoma::ia32::MemoryMapDescriptorMultiboot System Memory Map descriptor
Zygoma::MemoryRange< stride >A template class for defining an iterable range of raw memory
Zygoma::MemoryStrider< stride >An iterator over a MemoryRange
Zygoma::ModuleA loadable module
Zygoma::ia32::MultibootHeaderHeader found in the OS image describing the OSs' needs to the bootloader
Zygoma::ia32::MultibootInfoStructure passed to the OS by the multiboot loader on startup
Zygoma::PageFrameExpresses information on a Page Frame
Zygoma::PageFrameSelectionPolicyThe Page Frame Selection Policy is used by the PageFrameTable to select an available (or replacement) page frame
Zygoma::PageFrameTableThe PageFrameTable maps physical RAM into used and unused page frames
Zygoma::PageFrameTableIteratorIterators over the page frame table model STL-style random access iterators
Zygoma::ProcessDescriptorA structure containing all information required to run a process
Zygoma::ia32::MPS::ProcessorEntryThe MPS config table processor entry
Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::RootSystemDescriptionPointerThe ACPI root system description pointer (RSDP)
Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::RootSystemDescriptionTableThe ACPI Root System Description Table (RSDT)
Zygoma::SchedulerThe scheduler/dispatcher for CPUs looking for something to do
Zygoma::SpinLockA SpinLock
Zygoma::SpinLockMutexA MUTual EXclusion object that is lockable via a spinlock
Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::SystemDescriptionTableHeaderThe header common to all ACPI system description tables
Zygoma::ThreadDescriptorA structure containing all information required to run a thread
Zygoma::ia32::TrapGateIdentical to Interrupt Gate except m_type == 7
Zygoma::ia32::VgaStreambuf< Char, Traits >The VgaStreambuf providea a concrete basic_streambuf that sends its output to the VGA console

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