Zygomatic Source Snapshots Zygoma

Obtaining The Snapshot

Source snapshots are build on a frequent basis, usually after a recent source change. They were originally build nightly but our host (SourceForge) has suspended cron jobs, so the tarballs must be manually rolled.

To get a snapshot, download a tarball from here.

You will also need at least the following tools to build the Zygomatic system from a source snapshot tarball. Note that the version numbers are those used for development and testing: other version may work but are not supported.

Tool Minimum Version Reason
autoconf 2.59 Used to generate the configure file.
automake 1.8 Used to generate the Makefile.in and aclocal.m4 files.
toolchain 3.5 Used to generate the bootable OS image from the source files. The toolchain includes a cross compiler, linker, binary manipulation tools, and a basic runtime.
mtools 3.9.9 Used to create bootable floppy disk images under Linux and Windows development environments. Optional.
bochs 2.1.1 Used to simulate hardware for testing in the development environment. Optional.

Building The Snapshot

Unroll the tarball in a source directory, then switch to your build directory, configure, and make.

Running The Snapshot

You can copy the kernel image to a bootable floppy disk and use that to boot a machine, or you can use the Bochs emulator to emulate a machine from a bootable floppy disk image.

To use bochs, I use the following command in the build directory:

% make && make floppy && make bochs