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The Intel Multiprocessor Specification


Some IA-32 hardware was produced following the Intel MultiProcessing Specification (MPS), a standard proposed by Intel Corp. for discovery and configuration of system hardware resources in systems with or capable of supporting multiple physical processors (CPUs). This specification has since been superceded by the ACPI specification (which has in turn been superceded by the UDI specification). The Zygoma kernel should be able to work with MPS hardware, however.

This software is implemented from the specifications documented in the Intel MultiProcessor Specification Version 1.4 May 1997. Copies of this specification may be obtained from the following address.

 Intel Corporation
 Literature Center
 P.O.Box 7641
 Mt. Prospect IL 60056-7641

or call 800-879-4683.


An MPS-compliant system must provide an MP Floating Pointer structure somewhere at a somwhat known address. This structure is found by searching physical memory ranges on 16-byte boundaries for the MPFP signature.

The memory ranges searched, in the order specified in the spec are:

The signature of the MPFP is '_MP_'.

The Configuration Tables

The MPS configuration data are organized into various table describing system resources. These resources include the following.
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