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zygoma File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
__cxa_atexit.cppStub implementation of the C++ application exit function dispatcher
abort.cppStub C standard library abort() function
acpi.cppAdvanced Configuration and Power Management
acpi.h [code]Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
apic.cppLocal Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
apic.h [code]Intel Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
arch.h [code]Brings architecture-specific namespace into standard Arch namespace
arch/ia32/include/atomic.h [code]
include/atomic.h [code]
close.cppStub C standard library close() function
config.h [code]Installation-specific configureation file
cpu.h [code]
descriptor.h [code]Generic ia32 descriptors
freestore.h [code]Kernel freestore (memory pool) management
fstat.cppStub C standard library fstat() function
ia32_marrow.h [code]
idt.h [code]IA-32 interrupt descriptor table
idttrampoline.h [code]
interrupt.h [code]
ioapic.cppAdvanced System Interrupt Controller
ioapic.h [code]Intel 82093 I/O Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
isatty.cppStub implementation of the POSIX isatty() function
kiostream.h [code]Public interface for the zygoma kernel message logging facility
arch/ia32/include/kstreambuf.h [code]
include/kstreambuf.h [code]
lseek.cppStub lseek() implementation for the C standard library
marrow.cppPlatform-specific implementation of the Marrow autodiscovery
marrow.h [code]
mbtrampoline.cppMultiboot trampoline to bounce from the multiboot entry point to the kernel entry point
arch/ia32/include/memory.h [code]
include/memory.h [code]
memorymanager.h [code]Arch-independent memory manager interface
modules.h [code]Interface for the loadable modules module
mps.cppIntel Multiprocessor Specification
mps.h [code]Intel Multiprocessor Specification
multiboot.h [code]A ia32-specific system startup method
open.cppStub implementation of the C standard library function open()
pageframe.h [code]Interface for a Page Frame entry
pageframelinearpolicy.h [code]Definition of the Page Frame Linear Selection Policy concrete class
pageframeselectionpolicy.h [code]Definition of the Page Frame Selection Policy protocol class
pageframetable.cppKernel Page Frame Table definitions
pageframetable.h [code]Kernel physical memory management declarations
pagetable.h [code]IA-32 page table definitions
processdescriptor.h [code]Arch-independent process descriptor interface
read.cppStub implementation of the C standard library function read()
registers.h [code]
sbrk.cppStubbed out sbrk() function for the C standard library
scheduler.h [code]Arch-independent scheduler interface
spinlock.cppKernel synchronization primitives implementation
spinlock.h [code]Kernel synchronization primitives declarations
threaddescriptor.h [code]Arch-independent thread descriptor interface
arch/ia32/include/types.h [code]
include/types.h [code]
vgastreambuf.h [code]A IOStreams streambuf that writes to the VGA buffer
zygoma.cppMain entry for the kernel

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