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Todo List

Class Zygoma::ia32::MPS::BusEntry
Complete this.

Class Zygoma::ia32::MPS::ConfigTableHeader
Complete this.

Class Zygoma::ia32::DiskDriveMapDescriptor
Document the multiboot disk drive map descriptor.

Class Zygoma::ia32::MPS::FloatingPointer
Complete this.

Member Zygoma::ia32::MPS::FloatingPointer::configTableHeader () const
: convert this to return a reference.

Member Zygoma::Freestore::Freestore (u08 *base, u08 *top)
Add "allocator" handling.

Member Zygoma::ia32::IDT::IDT (int size)
move this into its own header file and class

Class Zygoma::ia32::LoadModuleDescriptor
Document the multiboot load module descriptor.

Class Zygoma::ia32::MemoryMapDescriptor
Document the multiboot system memory map descriptor.

Member Zygoma::PageFrameLinearPolicy::selectUnusedFrame () const
Determine special value for "no frame available".

Member Zygoma::PageFrameSelectionPolicy::selectUnusedFrame () const =0
Determine special value for "no frame available".

Class Zygoma::ia32::MPS::ProcessorEntry
Complete this.

Member Zygoma::ia32::gIDT
make this better.

Member commonBuffer ()
replace this with stream-specific buffers with an implementation-dependent innard.

Member Zygoma::ia32::IA32_Marrow::IA32_Marrow ()
find a better place in memory for the IDT

Member Zygoma::ia32::IA32_Marrow::IA32_Marrow ()
get the GDT code selector from somewhere

Member abort ()
Added a configury macro to deal with the {optional} exception specification on abort().

Member sbrk (int increment)
This minimal sbrk() should be replaced AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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