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apic.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Local Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller.

#include <arch/apic.h>
#include <iomanip>
#include <kiostream.h>

Include dependency graph for apic.cpp:


 Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::LocalApic ()
 Constructs the LocalAPIC.
u32 Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::id () const
 Gets the physical name of the LocalAPIC.
void Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::setId (u32 id)
u32 Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::version () const
u32 Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::maxLVTEntry () const
u32 Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::spuriousVector () const
bool Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::isSoftwareEnabled () const
void Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::enable ()
std::ostream & Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::printStream (std::ostream &ostr) const
 Dumps the contents of the LAPIC to an output stream.

Function Documentation

void Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::enable  ) 

u32 Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::id  )  const

Gets the physical name of the LocalAPIC.

All APIC devices in the system need to have a unique identification.

bool Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::isSoftwareEnabled  )  const

Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::LocalApic  ) 

Constructs the LocalAPIC.

u32 Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::maxLVTEntry  )  const

std::ostream& Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::printStream std::ostream &  ostr  )  const

Dumps the contents of the LAPIC to an output stream.

ostr [INOUT] The stream to which the local APIC is dumped.
a reference to the stream containing the dumped LAPIC.
This function is for debugging purposes.

Here is the call graph for this function:

void Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::setId u32  id  ) 

u32 Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::spuriousVector  )  const

u32 Zygoma::ia32::LocalApic::version  )  const

Variable Documentation

u32 m_deliveryMode

u32 m_deliveryStatus

u32 m_focusChecking

u32 m_id

u32 m_isMasked

u32 m_maxLVTEntry

u32 m_pinPolarity

u32 m_remoteIRR

u32 m_reserved_0

u32 m_reserved_10

u32 m_reserved_11

u32 m_reserved_17

u32 m_reserved_24

u32 m_reserved_8

u32 m_softwareEnable

u32 m_spuriousVector

u32 m_timerMode

u32 m_triggerMode

u32 m_vector

u32 m_version

u32 u_data

struct { ... } u_id

struct { ... } u_lvt

struct { ... } u_spiv

struct { ... } u_version

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