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Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::RootSystemDescriptionPointer Class Reference
[Advanced Configuration and Power Interface]

#include <acpi.h>

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Detailed Description

The ACPI root system description pointer (RSDP).

This structre must be located by the system at boot time. It contains some validation information and a pointer to the root system description table, from which all other ACPI information is gleaned.

Public Member Functions

RootSystemDescriptionTablersdtAddress () const
 Gets the address of the Root System Descriptor Table.

Static Public Member Functions

static const RootSystemDescriptionPointerlocateRSDT ()
 Locates the RSDP is there is one to be located.

Public Attributes

u08 m_signature [kSIGNATURE_LENGTH]
u08 m_checksum
u08 m_oemId [6]
u08 m_revision
u32 m_rsdtAddress
u08 m_length [4]
u08 m_xsdtAddress [8]
u08 m_extendedChecksum
u08 m_reserved [3]

Static Public Attributes

static const int kSIGNATURE_LENGTH = 8

Member Function Documentation

const RootSystemDescriptionPointer * RootSystemDescriptionPointer::locateRSDT  )  [static]

Locates the RSDP is there is one to be located.

A pointer to a validated RSDP, or NULL if a valid RSDP cannot be found.

Here is the call graph for this function:

RootSystemDescriptionTable* Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::RootSystemDescriptionPointer::rsdtAddress  )  const [inline]

Gets the address of the Root System Descriptor Table.

The physical address of the RSDT.

Member Data Documentation

const u08 RootSystemDescriptionPointer::kSIGNATURE [static]

Initial value:

  { 'R', 'S', 'D', ' ', 'P', 'T', 'R', ' ' }

const int Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::RootSystemDescriptionPointer::kSIGNATURE_LENGTH = 8 [static]

u08 Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::RootSystemDescriptionPointer::m_checksum

u08 Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::RootSystemDescriptionPointer::m_extendedChecksum

u08 Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::RootSystemDescriptionPointer::m_length[4]

u08 Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::RootSystemDescriptionPointer::m_oemId[6]

u08 Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::RootSystemDescriptionPointer::m_reserved[3]

u08 Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::RootSystemDescriptionPointer::m_revision

u32 Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::RootSystemDescriptionPointer::m_rsdtAddress

u08 Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::RootSystemDescriptionPointer::m_signature[kSIGNATURE_LENGTH]

u08 Zygoma::ia32::Acpi::RootSystemDescriptionPointer::m_xsdtAddress[8]

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