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Zygoma::ia32::IOApic Class Reference

#include <ioapic.h>

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Detailed Description

A description of the I/O Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller.

The IO APIC essentially maps the 24 hardware interrupt lines into software interrupt vectors. It works with the local APICs on each CPU, which are responsible for actually handling the interrupts.

Public Member Functions

 IOApic ()
u32 id () const
void setId (u32 id)
u32 maxRedirectionEntry () const
u32 version () const
u32 arbitrationId () const
IOApicRedirection redirection (int interrupt) const
void setRedirection (int interrupt, IOApicRedirection)
std::ostream & printStream (std::ostream &ostr) const
 Dumps the description of the IOAPIC to an output stream.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Zygoma::ia32::IOApic::IOApic  ) 

Member Function Documentation

u32 Zygoma::ia32::IOApic::arbitrationId  )  const

u32 Zygoma::ia32::IOApic::id  )  const

u32 Zygoma::ia32::IOApic::maxRedirectionEntry  )  const

std::ostream& Zygoma::ia32::IOApic::printStream std::ostream &  ostr  )  const

Dumps the description of the IOAPIC to an output stream.

IOApicRedirection Zygoma::ia32::IOApic::redirection int  interrupt  )  const

void Zygoma::ia32::IOApic::setId u32  id  ) 

void Zygoma::ia32::IOApic::setRedirection int  interrupt,

u32 Zygoma::ia32::IOApic::version  )  const

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