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Zygoma::ia32::PageDirectoryEntry Class Reference

#include <pagetable.h>

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Public Types

enum  Protection {
  kREAD_ONLY = 0,
enum  Privilege {

Public Member Functions

 PageDirectoryEntry (void *baseAddress=0, Protection protection=kREAD_WRITE, Privilege privilege=kSUPERVISOR_PRIVILEGE)
u32 baseAddress () const
void setBaseAddress (void *baseAddress)
void setIsPresent (bool isPresent)
void setProtection (Protection protection)
void setPrivilege (Privilege privilege)
bool wasAccessed () const

Static Public Member Functions

static u32 addressToBase (void *address)
 Converts a 32-bit address into a 10-bit selector for use in a page table or page directory.

Protected Attributes

u32 m_baseAddress: 20
u32 m_avail: 3
u32 m_isGlobal: 1
u32 m_pageSize: 1
u32 m_isDirty: 1
u32 m_wasAccessed: 1
u32 m_cacheDisabled: 1
u32 m_writeThrough: 1
u32 m_userMode: 1
u32 m_readWrite: 1
u32 m_isPresent: 1

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::Privilege [inherited]

Enumeration values:

enum Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::Protection [inherited]

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Zygoma::ia32::PageDirectoryEntry::PageDirectoryEntry void *  baseAddress = 0,
Protection  protection = kREAD_WRITE,
Privilege  privilege = kSUPERVISOR_PRIVILEGE

Member Function Documentation

static u32 Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::addressToBase void *  address  )  [inline, static, inherited]

Converts a 32-bit address into a 10-bit selector for use in a page table or page directory.

u32 Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::baseAddress  )  const [inline, inherited]

void Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::setBaseAddress void *  baseAddress  )  [inline, inherited]

Here is the call graph for this function:

void Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::setIsPresent bool  isPresent  )  [inline, inherited]

void Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::setPrivilege Privilege  privilege  )  [inline, inherited]

void Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::setProtection Protection  protection  )  [inline, inherited]

bool Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::wasAccessed  )  const [inline, inherited]

Member Data Documentation

u32 Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::m_avail [protected, inherited]

u32 Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::m_baseAddress [protected, inherited]

u32 Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::m_cacheDisabled [protected, inherited]

u32 Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::m_isDirty [protected, inherited]

u32 Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::m_isGlobal [protected, inherited]

u32 Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::m_isPresent [protected, inherited]

u32 Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::m_pageSize [protected, inherited]

u32 Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::m_readWrite [protected, inherited]

u32 Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::m_userMode [protected, inherited]

u32 Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::m_wasAccessed [protected, inherited]

u32 Zygoma::ia32::PageBaseEntry::m_writeThrough [protected, inherited]

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