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include Directory Reference



file  arch.h [code]
 Brings architecture-specific namespace into standard Arch namespace.
file  include/atomic.h [code]
file  cpu.h [code]
file  freestore.h [code]
 Kernel freestore (memory pool) management.
file  interrupt.h [code]
file  kiostream.h [code]
 Public interface for the zygoma kernel message logging facility.
file  include/kstreambuf.h [code]
file  marrow.h [code]
file  include/memory.h [code]
file  memorymanager.h [code]
 Arch-independent memory manager interface.
file  modules.h [code]
 Interface for the loadable modules module.
file  pageframe.h [code]
 Interface for a Page Frame entry.
file  pageframelinearpolicy.h [code]
 Definition of the Page Frame Linear Selection Policy concrete class.
file  pageframeselectionpolicy.h [code]
 Definition of the Page Frame Selection Policy protocol class.
file  pageframetable.h [code]
 Kernel physical memory management declarations.
file  processdescriptor.h [code]
 Arch-independent process descriptor interface.
file  scheduler.h [code]
 Arch-independent scheduler interface.
file  spinlock.h [code]
 Kernel synchronization primitives declarations.
file  threaddescriptor.h [code]
 Arch-independent thread descriptor interface.
file  include/types.h [code]

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