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Architecture-specific Sources

Collaboration diagram for Architecture-specific Sources:

Detailed Description

Because Zygoma is designed to be portable to many different target architectures, it is necessary to have architecture-specific implementations underlying the portable architecture-independent structures.

Because architectures are best kept hidden, all architectre-specific symbols must be made visible to the rest of the kernel through architectire-independant forwarding headers in ${top_sdrcdir}/include. The forwarding headers hoist the architectire-specific names into the Arch namespace (by including the <arch.h> header last) and then injecting the symbols directly into the architecture-independant namespace, usually the Zygoma namespace.

At no time should any architecture-independant part of the code, except for each forwarding header, reference any architecture-specific header or name. This way the architectural independance of the vast majority of the kernel is enforced.


 Intel IA32 (32-bit) Architecture

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