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Intel IA32 (32-bit) Architecture
[Architecture-specific Sources]

Collaboration diagram for Intel IA32 (32-bit) Architecture:

Detailed Description

This module includes all sources declaring and implementing structures specific to the IA-32 architecture.


file  idt.cpp
file  idt.h
 IA-32 interrupt descriptor table.
file  multiboot.h
 A ia32-specific system startup method.
file  registers.h
file  multiboot.cpp


 Advanced Configuration and Power Interface
 This module implements the industry standard Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (available at <>).
 Intel Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
 Atomic Operations
 This module contains inline functions providing some basic atomic (non-interruptible) operation which can be used to build higher-level serialization constructs.
 Intel Multiprocessor Specification
 Control Registers
 Platform-specific Type Definitions
 These definitions provide platform implementations of generic types used elsewhere in the kernel.


class  Zygoma::ia32::InterruptGate
 An interrupt gate is a structure used by an IA-32 processor to invoke an interrupt handler routine. More...
class  Zygoma::ia32::IDT
 An interrupt descriptor table implements a vectored interrupt dispatch mechanism. More...

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