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spinlock.cpp File Reference

Detailed Description

Kernel synchronization primitives implementation.

#include <spinlock.h>

Include dependency graph for spinlock.cpp:


 Zygoma::SpinLockMutex::SpinLockMutex ()
 Constructs a spin lock mutex object.
 Zygoma::SpinLockMutex::~SpinLockMutex ()
 Tears down a spin lock mutex object.

Function Documentation

Zygoma::SpinLockMutex::SpinLockMutex  ) 

Constructs a spin lock mutex object.

A spin lock mutex is always initially marked as available.

Zygoma::SpinLockMutex::~SpinLockMutex  ) 

Tears down a spin lock mutex object.

There is no functionality required of a spin lock destructor. There should be no way to destroy the object while it is held because all holds must be through a SpinLock object, which would always be destroyed first.

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